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Elisabeth Güde

Dr. des Elisabeth Güde



Dr. Güde was a PhD Candidate at the Research Training Group from 2012 to 2017. She finished and defended her dissertation in summer 2017. 

Dissertation Abstract

Spracherinnerungen. Transkriptionen des Judezmo in der zeitgenössischen Literatur

The aim of this doctoral project is to examine Judeo-Spanish ("Judezmo") elements as part of the plurilingual repertoire in Francophone, Turcophone, and Anglophone literatures. This includes not only the visible presence of Judeo-Spanish in the text, but also metalingual reflections and considerations about monolingualism and plurilingualism, "jargon" and standard language, language death and archive. One of the main interests will be to analyze how the multilingual worlds of Sephardic Jewry and especially the triangular relations between Judezmo, French, and Turkish are refined, condensed, and extended – or, on the contrary, "monolingualised" – in literature.
By asking such questions, this project also addresses fundamental problems of globalization, diaspora and exile, national and minority languages, major and minor literatures, and the poetics of plurilingualism. In combination with a broad cultural-studies perspective, close readings should be able to uncover the little-known traces in Sephardic literatures and to focus on the peculiarities of literariness.


"Writing the Grandparent Tongue. On Plurilingual Pasts in Contemporary Sephardic Literatures". In: Jewish Culture and History, 1 (2015), S. 82-95.

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"La langue pour seule patrie? Sprachheimaten (in) der sephardischen Literatur". In: Christina Olszynski, Jan Schröder, Chris Wilpert (eds.): Heimat - Identität - Mobilität in der zeitgenössischen jüdischen Literatur, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2015, S. 211-222.