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PhD Candidates

Surname, First name Title Research Project
Bollinger, Claudine M.A. Altered Cognition and Fictionality in Contemporary Science Fiction
Herzgsell, Teresa M.A. Cultural Magazines from the Spanish-language Avantgarde as Networks: A Transcontinental Perspective
Kara, Sema M.A. "Out of Wounds and Across Boundaries": Female Performances of Trauma in Irish and Diasporic Literature
Kniffka, Florian M.A. Creolization: Cultural Creativity as “opacité“ of Diagrammatical Structures
Kübler, Martina M.A. Imperial Discomfort: Disabled Bodies as Negotiations of Empire in 19th- and 20th-century Anglophone Literature
Martin, Philipp M.A. Dystopian Futures in Scandinavian Science Fiction Literature since 1945
Martl, Katharina Mag.  A Xenology of Globalization
Nolde, Henrik M.A. Poetics of the Global Village: Transnational Local-Color Literature as a Medium for Reflection upon Globalization
Nübling, Anna Sophia M.A. "The End of Space and Time." Globality in Perceptions of the Present and Visions of the Future, 1880-1914
Orszulak, Mateusz M.A. Representations of the Ottoman Turks - the Question of Cultural Identity in Travel Accounts of the Sixteenth Century. Italy and the Habsburg Empire in the Context of Early Modern Globalization
Othman, Norulhuda M.Sc. Power Constructs in the Southeast Asian Archipelago. A Comparative Study of European (Portuguese & Italian) Travelogues and Malay Historiographical Chronicles between 1500 and 1700
Pirkl, Bernhard M.A. The Fascist Imaginary. Writing the Perpetrator in the Global Age
Sperner, Philipp Mag. M.A. The Rhetorics of Friendship as Brotherhood: Metaphors of Community in the Discourse on Indian Independence and the Modern Nation State
Stelzer, Philipp M.A. Epos und Anfang. Konstruktionen der Welt bei Ovid, Milton und Kubrick
Stevanović, Vid M.A. Auctorial Things: The Global Knowledge of Object-Narratives
Tutek, Hrvoje M.A. Modes of Narrating the Struggle. The Politics of Literary Form in the Age of Capitalist Universality